Infrastructure Management Services that enable our clients to reduce IT overheads and improve their efficiencies while gaining access to a range of skills at a minimal cost.

With enriched experience in Industry standard Infrastructure Management tools such as Network Monitoring, Server Monitoring, Application Monitoring, IP Traffic Metering and Profiling and Service Desk tools, we can bring on to your desk not just real time information on the incidents, alerts and events but also efficient responses and resolution to all events and breakdowns.

We provide end to end services that operate, maintain and monitor your IT infrastructure and cover the entire span of IT Infrastructure right from application management to storage management. Our services help our clients in mitigating risks; optimize their IT infrastructure, gain access to niche skills improve response-times and improve their business efficiencies.

Being versatile in Application Systems Management (ASM) and Infrastructure Services (IS) we help organizations to maximize their productivity while both embracing new business requirements and ensuring that applications can run at peak performance with minimum downtime. Tighter integration with Development, Testing and Maintenance, private and public clouds, and mobile infrastructures can increase the needed staff qualifications and raise the IT investment required for success. Combined, these factors can bring many new complexities to what many consider to be the most mature and stable area of outsourcing.

Database Management

Organizations across the world aim to manage their data stores or databases in a more granular and effective manner. More often, all organizations consider and manage databases as a different silo in their IT management portfolio. In this era of hyperactive competition, organizations need to ensure that their databases are up round the clock and are scalable to handle unforeseen loads.

Having extensive experience in managing complex database deployments across the world. With inherent ability to manage IT Infrastructure covering servers and networks, each database incident, event and alarm is thoroughly checked against the performance issues in all other connected IT Infrastructure elements. Our competency provides a single stop solution for our clients who want to analyze the database in totality along with all other IT Infrastructure elements.

Database Management Services

  • 24/7 Database monitoring and support
  • Remote database administration and support services
  • Database performance tuning
  • HA – RAC and dataguard support services
  • Database migration services
  • Backup and recovery services


CentillionZ Advantage

Application and Infrastructure Management Group provides an integrated set of services covering the entire end-to-end lifecycle:

    •  360 degree view of application management and infrastructure
    •  Increased responsiveness with optimized MTTR
    •  Centralized capacity and availability monitoring and management
    •  Rigorous change management and consolidated configuration
    •  Integration with Application Maintenance and Support providing Level 2+ and Level 3 services