We Leverage our experience and knowledge inorder to assist at all levels of payment processing and transactions.

Centillionz assist clients in managing the challenges and opportunities of payments in rapidly changing environment at all levels of payment processing and transactions.We Utilise our experience and knowledge inorder to bring about appropriate solutions with respect to client objectives.

Our broad Knowledge about the payment industry enables our clients to gain cost efficiency and a rapid head start on their payment management projects. It also helps their  business with an in depth review of payment practices against industry standards and best practices. We are flexible in delivering a technology solution that will create a return on investment.


CentillionZ Advantage

CentillionZ Technology Consulting is uniquely geared to bridge the gap between an organization’s existing IT capabilities and its vision for high performance. We have:

  • Experience: Extensive experience of successfully delivering large-scale IT transformation projects.
  • Best support system: Drawn from all technology practice areas, our professionals bring deep experience, an understanding of business systems and an innovative approach that mitigates risk and keeps costs manageable.
  • Great Technical & domain know-how: Our professionals bring deep technology consulting skills, proven methodologies and insights that collectively help our clients hit their cost and performance goals.
  • Reduced attrition, increased security and lowered costs
  • Global reach: We can bring global resources and deep technical knowledge to bear 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, around the world.