CentillionZ specializes in providing strong architectural framework to ensure high availability with enterprise class technology.

We have been helping companies deliver innovative, smart solutions built on modern technology to support todays fast moving competitive business,cost effectively.

Through sophisticated monitoring, highly-tuned change management processes and storage expertise, we always deliver remote monitoring, configuration, problem resolution, event data collection and notification. We also provide operational management reports, and web-based portals for management information and decision making.

Centillionz offers maximum protection, availability, and performance modes to help enterprises balance data availability against system performance requirements and eliminate management complexity.


CentillionZ Advantage

CentillionZ Technology Consulting is uniquely geared to bridge the gap between an organization’s existing IT capabilities and its vision for high performance. We have:

  • Complete solutions:  Launched quickly, operated effectively and under your control
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Strategic approach: Immediate access to a variety of robust processes & reporting applications and strategic business issues during build and operate phases
  • World class team: Establishment of a world-class operations team for Long-term cost stability and predictability for our clients and for solutions provided.
  • Lowered costs: Save on capital expenditure required to build systems in-house by cost-effective outsourcing during build process and initial operations
  • Easy modulation: Additional resources can be added quickly