We provide competitively priced, Staff Augmentation solution that allows access to a vast pool of technical resources.

CentillionZ specializes in providing our clients with high-quality IT staffing at the lowest rate the market will bear. With a focus on ERP services, we serve companies worldwide across wide variety of domains. IT staffing needs are quickly satisfied with consultants who keep pace with emerging technologies, delivering expertise in technology platforms, software development, QA, databases, and networking.

Our delivery model and recruiting technology are the main reasons for our success, and client relationship with CentillionZ is further differentiated by our:

  • Dedicated account team structure
  • Excellence in technology recruiting
  • Established systems and processes
  • Onsite, offsite, and offshore staffing

Our dedicated team of individuals understand the kind of resources you need for each project, and will deliver the right people in a timely manner. We’ll draw from your local market in the U.S. and we’ll recruit under the most advantageous terms for your organization.


CentillionZ Advantage

We focus on Staff Augmentation to provide following advantages to a business.

    • Fast Mobilization: Easy and fast mobilisation of skilled and Niche Resources
    • Increased Flexibility: Flexibility in Ramping up and down of resources, Staff levels can be managed to be at productive levels all year.
    • Reduced Cost & Overheads: Savings on HR, Administration Cost, Staff costs, such as healthcare, insurance, taxes and benefits.
    • Effective & Easy Recruitment: The practice benefits by making one call and having staff sent that is ready to work
    • Balance: Quality goals with budgetary realities.
    • Reduced Training Cost: As they are pre-screened for the necessary skills, limited training is needed before the new employee becomes productive.
    • NO Payroll Processing: No need to process payroll for the temporary staff or generate yearend tax documents.